On January 21st, Stan Fakan passed away. A long standing member of the Wilhelm Bernhard Workshop, he studied the cell nucleus and the transcription process at EM first in Wilhelm Bernhard’s lab in Villejuif and then at the Center of Electron Microscopy at the University of […]
The members of the Wilhelm Bernhard Workshop are saddened by the passing of Ronald Hancock (Laval University, Québec, Canda).  He was a pioneer in the study of the cell nucleus, a stalwart supporter and active participant in the Workshop, and a longtime member of its International […]
We are pleased to announce that the CA19105 – Pan-European Network in Lipidomics and EpiLipidomics will be a part of the WBW 2023 hosting the Wednesday 21 June session titled Nuclear Lipids in Health and Disease EpiLipidNET aims to build and maintain a multidisciplinary pan-European network […]
Here you can find an overview of deadlines you do not want to miss: Early Bird Registration: 1 March 2023 Standard Registration: 15 April 2023 Late Registration: 1 June 2023 Abstract Submission: 3 April 2023 Explore our website for more information on registration and abstracts or contact us at info@wbworkshops.com
Dear colleagues, we are happy to announce that the abstract submission and registration are scheduled to open in January 2023. We are looing forward to your scientific contributions and we are ready to answer all questions you might have concerning the event at info@wbworkshops.com