The Young Researcher Award of 2023

Nataliya Petryk, PhD.

Genome Integrity and Cancers, Gustave Roussy Institute – UMR 9019, Villejuif, France

From May 2022: Principal Investigator at Gustave Roussy Institute – UMR 9019 – Genome Integrity and Cancers

October 2021: CRCN (CNRS, Section 21) at UMR7216 Epigenetics and cell fate center UMR7216, University of Paris, France. Address: 35 rue Hélène Brion 75013 Paris

2019 – 2021: Post-doctoral researcher. PI: Dr. Pierre-Antoine DEFOSSEZ Project: The Mechanisms of replication-coupled DNA methylation maintenance.

2015 – 2019: Post-doctoral researcher. Biotech Research and Innovation Centre (BRIC) University of Copenhagen, Denmark. PI: Prof. Anja GROTH Project: The mechanisms of replication-coupled histone inheritance.

2010 – 2014: Post-doctoral researcher. Institut de Biologie de l’École Normale Supérieure (IBENS), Paris, France. PI: Dr. Olivier HYRIEN Project: Mapping of DNA replication dynamics of the human genome by sequencing of Okazaki fragments.

2006 – 2010: Ph. D. student. Institute of Genetics and Microbiology. University Paris-Sud XI Orsay, France PI: Dr. Monique BOLOTIN-FUKUHARA. Thesis project: The Role of Saccharomyces cerevisiae Hap4 homologs in yeast Hansenula polymorpha.